October 6, 2009

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moneyDo you know the difference between a tax DEDUCTION and a tax CREDIT?  Neither did we.

A deduction cuts down on your TOTAL taxable income.  So if you make 30K … and have 5K deduction . . . the government only taxes you on 25K.

A CREDIT counts against your total bill.  So if you owe 25K in taxes . . . and have a 5K credit . . . you only write a check for 20K.

So why a tax lesson on a blog about good news?  because Thursday marks the anniversary of the Oregon Cultural Arts Tax Credit.  Donations to the Oregon Cultural Trust are tax credit worthy.  So you can support great groups like the Portland Actor’s Conservatory and save big bucks come mid-April.  For more info, check out this link.

September 8, 2009

Make your kid the next Annie or Oliver

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There’s a cool new performing company forming right now in Vancouver.  They offer free instruction in all things musical theatre at NO  COST to families (plus it’s only a two-hour, twice a week commitment so kids can do other things like soccer).

For more info check out the Metropolitan Performing Arts page.

August 17, 2009

OBT’s bouncing back

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After that nasty late-spring scare that almost forced Oregon Ballet Theatre to close its doors, the dance organization seems to be bouncing back nicely.  Executive Director Jon Ulsh spoke with GNPDX and says they cut their operating expenses by $2 million dollars to ensure that doors can stay open while maintaining the integrity of their artistic presentation.

Fundraising is on track, ticket sales are strong, even the OBT school is fully enrolled.

But, there are still lots of ways you can help through fundraising and volunteering.  Check them out heobtre for more info.

June 24, 2009

Scoundrels sneaking around Tigard

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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels opens at the Broadway Rose this week

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels opens at the Broadway Rose this week

It’s been a big year for the Broadway Rose Theatre company in Tigard.  The local troupe which has specialized in summer stock for the past 17 years, finally cut the ribbon on a brand new, year-round, facility a few months ago.

They’re launching more kids programs and educational programs.

And, they’re debuting another monster musical in the stage adaptation of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.  And we do mean MONSTER.  17 set views, two rotating turntables dominating the stage.  Granted the scope is nothing new for BWAYROSE . . . the local troupe regularly tackles difficult shows like Les Mis and Phantom with aplomb.

The show itself has a cinematic film, according to Lyn Cramer who directs the show.  She tells GNPDX it’s a direct replica of the insanely popular 1988 flick with Steve Martin.

This is Cramer’s first visit to the Rose City.  She’s a full professor at the University of Oklahoma Theatre Department.  The BWay Rose takes great pride in bringing in top artists from around the country for the season (and exporting them as well.  Some of you may remember Beaverton’s Shoshana Bean from Broadway productions like Wicked … but you may also remember seeing her bring down the house at the Tigard theatre a few summer’s ago in Bye Bye Birdie before she splashed onto the Great White Way).

Back to the show, it promises to be a hoot.  For those who aren’t familiar with the plot, a suave conman and a two-bit hustler join forces to scam the “Soap Queen” … but the woman they believe to be a wealthy heiress, may not actually be  (what, you thought we’d spoil the plot?).

To get your tickets to this dynamite production, click here.

June 8, 2009

Call it a ballet all-star game

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OBT tracks their quest to $750K

OBT tracks their quest to $750K

There is this old scene that played out in a lot of classic films starring Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney.  A community center or a farm or a business of some kind is about to close and the kids all get together and put on a show, using the profits to save the day.

Judy and Mickey have NOTHING on Christopher Stowell.

Stowell is the Artistic Director for Oregon Ballet Theatre.  Despite record-setting attendance and a product unparalleled in the companies’ history, the company is at risk of closing its doors.  Donations are way down, to the tune of $750,000.  If they don’t raise that much by June, bye bye ballet.

So Stowell cracks open his address book and starts dialing some of his friends.  Little known ballet names like Joffrey Ballet … New York City Ballet … San Francisco Ballet …  Bodyvox … (and yes, there was sarcasm in that last line … these are some of the biggest names in modern dance).

When all of these companies heard about OBT’s issue, they quickly signed up to help, sending their dancers to a Portland stage for a special one night performance.

And this all adds up to Dance United, a special one night benefit for OBT.  Stowell tells GNPDX the response is a testament to OBT’s reputation across the country and they are incredibly optimistic by the response.

He also adds that this kind of response is unprecedented.  Never before has such a wide array of talent come together to aid one of their own. 

Tickets are going fast so click here to buy yours.  Oh, and if you can’t make the show, click on the link anyway to make a donation to OBT.