September 24, 2009

Business Booms for the Bakery

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All of New Cascadia Traditional's goodies are gluten free

All of New Cascadia Traditional's goodies are gluten free

As the economy continues to hit the snooze alarm, we here at GNPDX like to highlight businesses that are doing well in Portlandia.  You don’t get much better than New Cascadia Traditional.

It started as a once a week stand at one of the Portland farmer’s markets a few years.  Then, they added a second farmers market.  Then a kiosk in north west PDX.  Now, a full service coffee shop in SE with plans to start wholesale operations soon.

Nifty, huh?

Even cooler, New Cascadia’s products are all gluten free so completely safe for anyone with a wheat allergy (there’s some vegan fare to be had as well).

Not to be biased, the GNPDX has had the chance to sample their treats and believes that the cupcakes served at NCT are better than anyone in town.  Period.

Don’t believe us?  Check it out for yourself at the GRAND OPENING Friday from 8-5.  Details are here.

March 16, 2009

Starlight Star Bright

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Tony Starlight, The man, The Myth, The Legend

Tony Starlight, The man, The Myth, The Legend

The building at 37th and Sandy has not been a successful spot to start a business.  Lots of restaurants  have tried to make something special at the Hollywood District location, but until a couple years ago, it almost seemed to be cursed.  Past owners chalk it up to no foot traffic and not enough parking during the daytime.




But one man had a vision. 

“It started when I was a child watching Lucy on TV,” says Tony Starlight, owner of Tony Starlight’s Supper Club and Lounge.   “I thought Ricky had the coolest gig in the world.”  That childhood vision came to fruition on the east side of town.

These days, Tony Starlight’s is packed every night, thanks to a unique business plan.  Rather than banking on good food with entertainment as an afterthought or showcasing entertainment while serving snacks as a side, Starlight dreamed up an old-school entertainment destination.

Guests of all ages flood to the Hollywood District after dark (when parking’s aplenty) to catch the latest local entertainment and dine on top quality dishes.  Music satisfies all tastes, ranging from Jack Benny to Sinatra to Neil Diamond.

“There aren’t venues like this,” adds Starlight.  Beyond being a successful business (with sales growing every month), Starlight’s provides an outlet for local singers and performers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to showcase their talents.  It’s a classic win-win-win.

To check out the latest happenings at Tony Starlight’s click here.

February 24, 2009

An Oscar for Oregon

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Megan Mylan wins for her short documentary "Smile Pinki"

Megan Mylan wins for her short documentary

Oregon has a history of flirtation with film.  Ed Asner recently joined the state film board.  Gus Van Sant regularly wows the Hollywood set with films shot in the Rose City.  High Profile flicks like Untraceable are using Portland as a backdrop while more rural areas of the state are getting play in movies like Jennifer Aniston’s Management.


And, on Sunday night, Salem got a moment in the spotlight.  It turns out Megan Mylan, the mind behind this year’s Best Short Documentary (”Smile Pinki” about a little girl who undergoes surgery for a cleft lip), spent a chunk of her childhood in Salem and her folks still take vacations in the state capitol.  

Mylan now lives in New York but plans to return to her roots in April, showing Smile Pinki at the Salem Film Festival.

GNPDX also speculates that the win may make it a bit more tempting for Mylan to return to her 30-year elementary school reunion.

February 22, 2009

Rat Pack is back

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Ever wish you could go back in time and relive some of the greatest performers in history?  An original Shakespeare at The Globe . . . Abbot and Costello in the Catskills . . . The Rat Pack at the Sands . . . 

Well ring-a-ding-ding, The Chairman of the Board convenes another meeting . . . in the Rose City?  It’s true.  The Rat Pack Live at the Sands opens in April at the Keller (tickets on sale today).  

GoodNewsPDX doesn’t usually endorse hack knock offs or poorly executed impersonations, but this Rat Pack is nothing of the sort.  The trio who recreate Sammy, Frank and Dean-o, are truly spot-on (and have a four year run on London’s West End to prove it) and they focus strictly the hits during the two-hour spectacular.

At a time when we could all use a pick em up, do yourself a favor and grab tickets to this unbeatable evening.