May 27, 2009

Tomorrow’s gadgets TODAY

Category: innovation — admin @ 1:00 am

When I say “Science Fair” what image comes to mind?  A baking soda volcano?  Some diagrams of a frog’s insides?  Those tornadoes you create by attaching two 2-liter bottles with some water and then shake them up?idea

How about a bike that can be ridden by someone in a wheelchair?

That last one will be on display Saturday at the World Trade Center.  So will countless other gizmos, widgets and doo-dads, dreamed up by people right here in the Beaver State. 

It’s all part of the Micro-Enterprise Inventor’s Program of Oregon annual show case.  Four categories of whatchamacallits ranging from life-changing transport options for people with disabilities to technologies designed to make nursing easier for new moms will compete for top honors. 

And the winner doesn’t just walk away with a fancy ribbon.  They’ll get a full-scale marketing campaign AND the opportunity to meet with distributors in the hopes of launching their doo-dad to the public.

Space is still available.  For sign up or attendance info click here.