April 20, 2009

Weekly chore turns teen into hero when he saves neighbors from fire

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Normally, when fire crews have to race to put out a fire in a home, a “good ending” is that everyone got out safe and the house suffered a few grand in damage.

Thanks to a 13-year-old in Aloha, we’ve now got a NEW definition for a “good ending.” 

The teen was taking out the trash last night when he heard a smoke alarm down the street (flames were also licking at the windows).  Apparently a candle kicked off the blaze while the two older neighbors were sound asleep (the alarm didn’t wake them up).

The teen called for help and firefighters showed up a few minutes later.

How’s this for amazing: the couple got out without a scratch … and the house only suffered $200.00 in damage. 

The kid will be recognized for his quick thinking in a couple weeks and will forever be able to use the pick up line “hey, did I ever tell you about how I rescued two elderly neighbors from a fire?”

April 13, 2009

Four cops earn Medal of Honor

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If there’s anything we love more than good news, it’s honest to goodness heroes. Dragging a fellow officer to safety in the middle of a gunfight . . . does that classify as a hero?  Yeah, we thought so too.

You may or may not have heard about Matthew Hastings.  The Vancouver man barricaded himself inside a Clark County home in 2007, shot a cop and held the rest at bay for nearly a full day.

Now, almost two full years later, the team who dragged the shot officer to safety are receiving the Washington State Medal of Honor.  Cpl. Chris LeBlanc (the one who got hurt), Ofc. John Key, Dep. Scott Holmes and Sgt. Scott Schanaker (all of various law enforcement agencies in Clark County) will receive the medals in May on the steps of the state capitol.

Kudos to this amazing quartet!