April 20, 2009

Weekly chore turns teen into hero when he saves neighbors from fire

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Normally, when fire crews have to race to put out a fire in a home, a “good ending” is that everyone got out safe and the house suffered a few grand in damage.

Thanks to a 13-year-old in Aloha, we’ve now got a NEW definition for a “good ending.” 

The teen was taking out the trash last night when he heard a smoke alarm down the street (flames were also licking at the windows).  Apparently a candle kicked off the blaze while the two older neighbors were sound asleep (the alarm didn’t wake them up).

The teen called for help and firefighters showed up a few minutes later.

How’s this for amazing: the couple got out without a scratch … and the house only suffered $200.00 in damage. 

The kid will be recognized for his quick thinking in a couple weeks and will forever be able to use the pick up line “hey, did I ever tell you about how I rescued two elderly neighbors from a fire?”

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