October 20, 2009

Brides helping brides (and it all fights breast cancer)

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Brides Against Breast Cancer collect and sell THOUSANDS of wedding gowns a year

Brides Against Breast Cancer collect and sell THOUSANDS of wedding gowns a year

Thrift store.  Used clothing sale.  Rummage sale.  Quick, what images come to mind?

Vera Wang?  Didn’t think so.

But it’s the case in Beaverton this week.  Brides Against Breast Cancer will hold their biggest used gown sale of the year.

The concept started several years ago and has grown into a nationwide effort.  Brides have their big day and then, rather than stuffing the tule and lace into a box on the top shelf of their closet, they donate it to BABC.  The gowns are then sold at a significant discount and the money goes to Breast Cancer patients.


We love those.

For info on the sale or to donate your own gown (head’s up, it has to be a 2005 or later model) go here.

September 22, 2009

Spruce up the house and benefit Make A Wish

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The Oregon Re-modelers Assoc has pitched in to help Make A Wish in the past, but for the first time, they’re inviting the foundation to the big Re-modeler’s Show.  At a special auction gala, people can bid on tons of packages like a garage or kitchen make over while dining on top-quality fare and free drinks.

For more info on getting in to the party, go here.

September 16, 2009

EATING for the cure

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The Lincoln Restaurant will donate 10% of proceeds tonight to Race for the Cure

The Lincoln Restaurant will donate 10% of proceeds tonight to Race for the Cure

Instead of running, a group of hungry diners will be doing their part in the fight against breast cancer by sitting down at a table for a lovely meal in North Portland.

It’s a fundraiser at the Lincoln Restaurant.  Owner and Maitre D Chris Welch spoke with GNPDX about the effort.  He says a very close friend runs in the Race for the Cure every year and is battling cancer herself.  Rather than make their standard, personal donation, Welch and crew decided to let their customers get in on the act by donating 10% of the take tonight to the race.

He won’t guess how much they’re going to raise but he says they have fingers crossed that it tops the $500 mark.  Reservations are available.  For more info check out their website.

September 6, 2009

Fight breast cancer with a nice massage

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Massage Envy stores across the US are donating part of their proceeds to fight Breast Cancer next week.  $10 per hour appointment on Tuesday the 15th which will total between $250 and 500,00.

All the money spent at local stores will STAY at Portland facilities.  Appts are booking fast so call now to sign up.

August 19, 2009

Going bald in the ‘Couv

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Fundraiser’s will go under the razor in Vancouver this weekend.  It’s a St Baldrick’s event . . .  donors chip in and sponsor volunteers who shave their heads . . . all the money goes to cancer research.


This weekend’s event has a bit of a bittersweet twist.  The man who kickstarted the planning is Sam Marks, a high school junior who was recently diagnosed with cancer.  He lost his own battle in July.  The event is going forward in his honor.  For more info, go here.

July 22, 2009

A book that gives hungry kids food

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Purchasing the Full Plates Full lives book benefits kids in need right here

Purchasing the Full Plates Full lives book benefits kids in need right here

It’s no secret that the recession is hitting local kids pretty hard.  Schools can’t offer as many free summer food programs.  Belts are tightening at home.  More families need emergency food boxes.  It’s tough.

But the people at US Foodservice have an idea to make a dent in the problem.  Chef Mark Eggerding tells GNPDX that they started brainstorming a cookbook a while back.  HUNDREDS of top recipes have poured in from all over the country, each with personal stories and cooking tips from the chef’s who dreamed up the delectable dishes.

The resulting book is on sale now at this website.  The really cool thing about this book is that all the proceeds are being dropped back into local food banks to pay for fresh fruits and veggies for those kids in need.  Here in Portlandia, the Oregon Food Bank and St. Vincent DePaul can expect donations when the final sale tally comes in.

They are offering a 3-month STEM-ulus offer (great play on the whole fruit and veggie thing), cutting the price in half.

July 10, 2009

Free block party on Mississippi

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More than 20,000 people turned out for last year's street fair on Mississippi Avenue

More than 20,000 people turned out for last year's street fair on Mississippi Avenue

It’s going to be in the 80’s and sunny on Saturday here in Portlandia.  So … how will you spend the day?  Mowing the lawn?  Clean the garage?  Maybe throw a few steaks on the grill?

Ho hum.  You can do that any weekend.  How about taking the kids to listen to bands on FOUR live stages … grab  local food from the top restaurants in North PDX … win some prizes … oh, and benefit two local kids programs at the same time.

Beats chores, eh?

Every year, Mississippi Avenue hosts the mother of all block parties, reaching from Skidmore to Fremont.  This year, organizers say more than 20,000 Portlandians will flood the neighborhood to join the fun.  It doesn’t cost a dime to get in, but you will want to bring a few bucks for food and a couple more to donate to the Boise-Eliot Elementary and Albina Youth opportunity schools.

Lest you think this is just a free concert and a few diners opening their doors, think twice oh ye of little faith.  The party includes the finest restaurants, games, a parade, kids area, info on local artists and some environmental projects as well. In fact, GNPDX bets you could start at Skidmore, walk down one side of the street to Fremont and then back the other side and STILL not see it all.

Prove us wrong, Portlandia . . . prove us wrong :)

For more info on who’s playing, click here.

June 8, 2009

Call it a ballet all-star game

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OBT tracks their quest to $750K

OBT tracks their quest to $750K

There is this old scene that played out in a lot of classic films starring Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney.  A community center or a farm or a business of some kind is about to close and the kids all get together and put on a show, using the profits to save the day.

Judy and Mickey have NOTHING on Christopher Stowell.

Stowell is the Artistic Director for Oregon Ballet Theatre.  Despite record-setting attendance and a product unparalleled in the companies’ history, the company is at risk of closing its doors.  Donations are way down, to the tune of $750,000.  If they don’t raise that much by June, bye bye ballet.

So Stowell cracks open his address book and starts dialing some of his friends.  Little known ballet names like Joffrey Ballet … New York City Ballet … San Francisco Ballet …  Bodyvox … (and yes, there was sarcasm in that last line … these are some of the biggest names in modern dance).

When all of these companies heard about OBT’s issue, they quickly signed up to help, sending their dancers to a Portland stage for a special one night performance.

And this all adds up to Dance United, a special one night benefit for OBT.  Stowell tells GNPDX the response is a testament to OBT’s reputation across the country and they are incredibly optimistic by the response.

He also adds that this kind of response is unprecedented.  Never before has such a wide array of talent come together to aid one of their own. 

Tickets are going fast so click here to buy yours.  Oh, and if you can’t make the show, click on the link anyway to make a donation to OBT.

May 20, 2009

Plant a row

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The Food Bank hopes Gardeners keep them in mind

The Food Bank hopes Gardeners keep them in mind

What’s the number one rule when it comes to donating stuff to a food drive?  NON PERISHABLE.  Right?  Not this time.  The Oregon Food Bank is opening the door for perishable donations . . . the only catch is you have to grow the stuff yourself. 

It’s actually a really cool idea.  Through the Plant a Row program, gardeners simply dedicate one row of their garden to the Food Bank (it can be all one row of zucchini, a mix of rutabaga and carrots, whatever you like), then in the fall, you harvest and bring it to one of their distribution agencies. 

To sign up go here.