September 29, 2009

Local success gets NATIONAL nod

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Janie Marsh - Goodwill's National Graduate of the Year

Janie Marsh - Goodwill's National Graduate of the Year

Every year, Goodwill honors one person who goes through their job training program with the Graduate of the Year honor.  It’s tough to earn.  In fact, the plaque has never even visited the west coast.

That is until now.

Janie Marsh brought the recognition right to Oregon for her years of hard work towards a goal of a better life.

Drinking and drugs started early for Marsh and she quickly found herself in and out of jail, focused only on getting her next fix.  But, when she landed in Coffee Creek correctional institute, she connected with a Goodwill training program.

Once she got her freedom back, she kept and maintained a job and began pursuing an education.  Now, she’s headed for a degree from the UO (with help from merit-based scholarships no less) in Landscape Architecture.

Way to go Janie Marsh!

For more info on the Good Work GoodWill does, go here.

June 29, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Could the end be on the horizon?

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Normally a bit pessimistic about the economy, Tim Duy of the University of Oregon has some exciting predictions about the economy . . . as in, we could be ending the recession THIS YEAR.