August 10, 2010

Friends of the Carpenter

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Great story this week about Friends of the Carpenter.  They’re a faith-based group out of Vancouver.  They teach people about carpentry and woodworking.  It starts as a hobby, but then can progress into employment.  In fact, they’re hoping to grow their manufacturing program in the near future.

July 19, 2010

Helping foster kids sleep easier every night

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fosterkids_logoToday on KXL we talked about Sleep Country’s commitment to Foster Kids around Oregon and Washington.  These kids are frequently uprooted from their homes with only the clothes on their backs.  Temproary homes may only receive a few hundred dollars a year to help pay for clothes, school supplies and toys. 

That’s where Sleep Country steps in.  They hold six drives throughout the year collecting clothes, toys, pajamas, and all the other materials growing kids need.  Plus, their fundraiser’s bring in tens-of-thousands dollars every year as well.

You can get involved by clicking here.

June 14, 2010

Help For Daddy

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help-for-daddyToday on KXL, we told you about Help For Daddy. 


Imagine you are a married man.  Suddenly, for one reason or another, you find yourself a single-father (divorce, separation, etc).  Trying to be a stand-up guy and do what’s best for your kids, you move out and find yourself an apartment.


An empty apartment.  No furniture.  Not a picture on the wall or a spoon in the kitchen.  Times are tight as it is, who has the finances to furnish an entire second home out of the blue? 


That’s where Help for Daddy comes in.  They collect donations to help dads make this painful transition so that dad can focus on what matters . . . the kids.

May 17, 2010

Helping battle Parkinsons

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tagline_pearlWhile the goal for any group battling a disease is a cure, sometimes discovering ways to help those with the disease live a better life in the mean time is just as valuable. 


At Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon they help people with the disease adjust their speech, improve their mobility and even learn how to FALL if they should stumble.  More over, the group specializes in support groups state-wide to help people with the disease anf their families share information, make supportive connections and learn.


PRO is getting a huge funding BOOST this week from the Pearls in the Pearl fundraiser in Portland’s Pearl District.  We’re urging everyone to swing by and check it out.

April 26, 2010

Larsen makes the next leap in dance

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After seven years, Gavin Larsen is hanging up her pointe shoes

After seven years, Gavin Larsen is hanging up her pointe shoes

It’s a bittersweet week around Oregon Ballet Theatre.  Principal Dancer and fan favorite, Gavin Larsen, is retiring from the stage to focus on teaching at the School of Oregon Ballet Theatre.  For ticket info to Larsen’s final performances, check out

April 18, 2010

Revisioning Value

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Nonprofits and investors are getting in the same room next week thanks to the ReVisioning Value Conference.

As discussed on today’s Good News Update on KXL, there is a big push for “Impact Investing.”  Basically, this school of thought says charity can only push nonprofit visions so far.  You need “market driven dollars” to help push that vision to its potential.  This is a conference for nonprofits looking for investors, and investors wanting to get involved in a nonprofit.  They’re still open to participants so feel free to register!

April 11, 2010

Beaverton Youth Board

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If you want some face time with the Mayor of Beaverton and you are under 18, sign up for the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board.  We talked with some of the members in todays GNU on KXL . . . great opportunity to get involved in city happenings.

Sign ups are due soon so go here.

April 5, 2010

PJ Bowl

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Yes, our own Colby Reade was on KGW thiws morning dressed in Tiger Print Footy PJS . . . for those who missed the GNU on KXL, it was to support the upcoming Sleep County Pajama Bowl.  It’s a really fun event every year where teams get together and raise money for foster kids.  The culmination is a day of bowling at Big Als in Vancouver in, you guessed it, your PJs.


The money raised helps fill in the gaps for foster kids.  Things like summer camp, tutoring, basketball, dance lessons.  All of those kids activities that they may miss out on due to added expense.  We’ve been at this event in the past and it is a real hoot.

 For sign up info, go here.

March 7, 2010

Cotton to insulation

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If you’re looking to turn your old denim (jean jackets, daisy dukes, cut offs, overalls . . . it’s all good) into something REALLY useful, consider turning it into INSULATION.  It’s the Blue to Green program run through Cotton Incorporated and The Gap.

For drop off info, go here.

February 22, 2010

U Haul Reuse center

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**Apologies for the delay everyone . . . had some publishing issues**


The Uhaul Reuse Center in the Portland Metro Area is at the Hillsboro Location.


This is where customers can drop off unwanted, gently used materials and then pick up stuff they may be able to put to good use.