December 31, 2008

LoJack comes through

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You’ve heard the slogan: “Get it and get it back.”  While the GoodNewsPDX staff lacks any significant mechanical or engineering background, our understanding is that when LoJack is installed on a vehicle or pricey electronic like a laptop, if that item goes missing, a satelite / GPS / super cool tracking system kicks in and pinpoints the boosted goods.

True to form, LoJack helped locate a disgruntled teen in Kelso Wa.  Deputies were alerted to a LoJack signal in their area and eventually pulled over Alexander Zweber.  The car which the 19-year-old Zweber was driving belonged to his FATHER.  Apparently Zweber got into a fight with his parents and was trying to drive from Kelso to Arizona to see his girlfriend.

He’s facing charges and will likely ring in 2009 behind bars.  At this point GoodNewsPDX has not been able to confirm whether or not Zweber at least filled up the tank during his runaway attempt.  Speculation is that, like most ungrateful teens, the car was on “E” when it got back to dad.

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