May 13, 2009

Another reason why Goodwill is amazing

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Travis Wolfe - Courtesy Camas Washougal Post-Record

Travis Wolfe - Courtesy Camas Washougal Post-Record

The story of Travis Wolfe is all too common.  Nice guy, hard worker, loses his business when the economy turns and then struggles for months to find a new job.

But Wolfe’s saga takes an interesting turn.  He tells GNPDX that after months of searching on his own, he went to the Goodwill Job Connection Center for help.  You see, while Goodwill offers training and jobs through their stores, they also have career specialists to help place people in jobs outside the Goodwill World.

Wolfe sat down with Steve Milford, one of their career experts, and they started talking.  While Milford offered tips on jazzing up his resume (putting certain words in bold, highlighting skill sets over titles), he also got a chance to learn about Wolfe’s passions.

Turns out, Wolfe just kind of fell into the mortgage industry and had a real passion for flying.  So now, instead of looking for a gig in mortgages, they started looking for something that would allow Wolfe to go back to school and learn more about aviation.

Thanks to Milford’s tips, Wolfe’s resume got to the top of a stack of 1,000 (yes, one-thousand) resumes and land the job as a property manger.  He lives onsite, makes a full salary and is only “on-call” until noon . . . leaving plenty of time for a full day of school in the afternoon and evening.

Think this is an awesome story?  Think it’s the only one of its kind?


6,400+ people were also placed in jobs by Goodwill last year.  20,000 got help in their search.

More than 22,000 people have been placed since 2005.

Oh, and all of those stats . . . their local to Portland Metro.

If you would like to find a new job or replace your current one . . . why not give it a try?  Click here.

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