June 3, 2009

Offering Vets a helping hand TODAY

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Central City Concern is one of the groups behind the event

Central City Concern is one of the groups behind the event

Here’s a question: who has a higher unemployment rate … civilians or veterans? 

Would it surprise you if I said that the Veteran unemployment rate is about 2% HIGHER than non-vets?  (Well it shocked the heck out of our staff).  The reasons are varied, including the slumping economy …. but we here at GNPDX are less interested in the “why” and more interested in the “how” … as in “how do we get these brave men and women back to work?”

Some local groups are hoping to offer at least a small piece of a solution to the problem.  They’re hosting a Stand Down and Job Fair (taken from the traditional meaning of the term “to stand down’ or “to rest and recoup during times of war”).

The event that happens TODAY at the Ambridge Event Center by the Lloyd District promises about 25 potential employers, job search counselors and advice plus other resources for things like housing.

For specifics click here.

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