June 19, 2009

Finding cold hard cash in your fridge

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A new fridge can save you hundreds of dollars

A new fridge can save you hundreds of dollars

It’s pretty common these days for families to keep a spare fridge in the garage or basement.  It keeps extra soda chilled.  Stores that side of beef you got on sale at the grocery store.  And in times like these, isn’t it wise to be buying in bulk when there’s a sale and stashing the extra in your garage?

Yes.  But, there could be an even smarter way for you to save money.

Replace the fridge with the help of Energy Trust of Oregon.  They’ll buy your old fridge for $30.00 cash and recycle it (guaranteeing 95% of the materials are recycled . . . something not many electronics recyclers can guarantee).

Then, when you go and buy a NEW unit, they’ll give you a cash rebate on any energy-efficient model.  Plus, you’ll be saving money every month (about $160 per year if you pitch a model that was made before 2001).

Considering you can buy a decent fridge for about $1,000 (depending where you go and what features you want) . . . the new fridge has paid for itself in 6 years.  Not bad, eh?

To call Energy Trust for a pick up, click here.

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