June 26, 2009

Gymnasts go green

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NW Gymnastics Training Center

NW Gymnastics Training Center

At their core, kids’ sports, dance classes and other extracurriculars are about teaching little people how to grow up into decent big people.  Sure they learn how to hit a ball or do a pirouette, but it’s the hidden lessons that seem to be the most valuable.

Take turns.

Be a good winner or a good loser.


Practice makes perfect.

Time management.

There’s a gymnastics school in Gresham that is going a step further.  Northwest Gymnastics Training Center got some appluase from the city this week for incorporating the environment into the curriculum.  Yeah, in between back handsprings and proper stretching, their kids are learning about recycling and conservation.

It wasn’t too tricky.  Tina Stinson who bought the gym in November, says they do little things like use recycled paper, turn off lights they aren’t using and refill ink cartidges.  But the kids absorb every little step.  And then mom and dad pick it up. 

In just a few months, they’ve cut down on the amount of trash going out the door and energy being wasted. 

To learn more or to sign your kid up for lessons at the gym, click here.

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