August 10, 2009

Boys and Girls Clubs stepping up to fill in for No Child Left Behind

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You may have heard the bummer news that several Portland schools are struggling to hit the No Child Left Behind mark.  Well, no need to worry . . . the Portland Boys and Girls clubs are doing their part to get kids back up to speed.

A few years ago, they realized that about 1 in 5 kids suffer from dyslexia.  Wanting to help, staff developed a special literacy program to work with those kids.  The results?  Immediate success.  Kids who were 2 or 3 grades behind were caught up or exceeding their classmates.

The technique is multi-sensory.  They say the letters and words out loud, write them with big scripted letters using their entire arm.  And it works.

But it ALSO works for ALL kids.  Yeah, when they tested the system with kids who were struggling but NOT due to dyslexia, they saw the same improvement.

So now the program is going into all the Boys and Girls Clubs in PDX and is open to any families that want the extra help.  For the club near you, go here.

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