June 18, 2009


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OBT Fundraisers obliterated their $750K goal and will survive for another season! Read more here at Oregonlive.


April 21, 2009

Blazers win!!!

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The Blazers even the series 1-1 against the Houston Rockets this evening at the Rose Garden.  107-103 the final.

April 20, 2009

Weekly chore turns teen into hero when he saves neighbors from fire

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Normally, when fire crews have to race to put out a fire in a home, a “good ending” is that everyone got out safe and the house suffered a few grand in damage.

Thanks to a 13-year-old in Aloha, we’ve now got a NEW definition for a “good ending.” 

The teen was taking out the trash last night when he heard a smoke alarm down the street (flames were also licking at the windows).  Apparently a candle kicked off the blaze while the two older neighbors were sound asleep (the alarm didn’t wake them up).

The teen called for help and firefighters showed up a few minutes later.

How’s this for amazing: the couple got out without a scratch … and the house only suffered $200.00 in damage. 

The kid will be recognized for his quick thinking in a couple weeks and will forever be able to use the pick up line “hey, did I ever tell you about how I rescued two elderly neighbors from a fire?”

April 13, 2009

Even MORE Good News!

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smile2Starting this week, you can now hear the Good News Update THREE days a week On NewsRadio 750 KXL AM.  We’ll be bringing you stuff guaranteed to put a smile on your face every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during Portland’s Morning News with Steve Leader and Rebecca Marshall.  Also look for more frequent updates on GoodNewsPDX.com.

And don’t forget to sign up for the “News You Can Use” e-blast by clicking here

Highway 217 widening

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Jonathan House - The Beaverton Valley Times

Jonathan House - The Beaverton Valley Times

If you find yourself stuck in traffic a lot on Highway 217  (and what westsider doesn’t?) you’ll be glad to know that ODOT is doing a bit of a remodel.  By 2011, the northbound stretch from TV Highway to the Sunset will add a lane which should ease things up a bit.  A new lane is also going in southbound from Wilshire to Walker Road.


Better yet, the two and a half year project will require just shy of 500 new jobs.  

Of course this could mean some traffic issues during the construction.  Make sure you tune in to NewsRadio 750 KXL for the latest on delays.

Man survives river spill by clinging to rock

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16' Cataraft

16' Cataraft

We don’t know why it flipped, but a 14′ kayak tipped itself over, dumping its middle-aged passenger into the frigid Clackamas River on Saturday.  While rescue teams scrambled to scoop him out of the water, the skipper clung to a rock.  Water rescue teams used a special 16 foot boat (a model is pictured left)  to get across the choppy waves and drag the man to the nearby shore.  He had to get checked by a doctor but the good news is he is in one piece and doing just fine.

April 5, 2009

And we’re back

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After a brief delay, we are back up and running.

Don’t forget to tune in Monday morning at 6:50 AM on News Radio 750 KXL AM for this week’s Good News update.

March 23, 2009

Teens land new duds for Prom Night

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Steven Lane - The Columbian

Steven Lane - The Columbian

Walk through your local department store and check out the racks of prom dresses on display this time of year.  Then check the price tag.


Swallow your tongue?  Yeah, so did we.  Every girl should feel like a princess on prom night, but at a couple hundred bucks a pop (plus shoes, make up, hair, jewelry, dinner and tickets to the dance itself), Prom can wind up topping your monthly mortgage payment.

That’s why Operation Fairy Godmother is so cool (there’s a great write up on it here in The Columbian).

Girls from all over Vancouver can donate an old dress and pick up a brand new one in exchange.  At the annual dress swap, volunteers man sewing machines for on the spot alterations while experts offer make up and hair tips.

Now, if only they can come up with “Operation-free-college-tuition” or “Operation-free-reliable-safe-preowned-car” parents in Vancouver would be all set.

Custodian gets hero award

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A small piece of hamburger has earned Dave DeMastus a hero’s reception in Keizer.  DeMastus is the head custodian at Kennedy Elementary.  

Last month, a third-grade boy was munching on a burger in the cafeteria, when a piece of his lunch went down the wrong pipe and got stuck.  Staying calm, DeMastus jumped into action and Hemlich’d the piece of meat back out.

The kid was fine and went back to class while DeMastus went back about his day.  But the Keizer Fire District heard the story and awarded DeMastus their Bob Wickman Lifesaving Award.  

Dave DeMastus, we salute you!

FedEx plant ahead of schedule

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The Outlook has an update on the FedEx plant in Troutdale.  It’s ALL Good News.  The 400,000 square foot plant is ahead of schedule and doors should be open by next summer.

The massive distribution center means jobs (over 1,000) pumping $24 Million into the community through payroll (doubling in the first five years).

Jim Clark - Gresham Outlook

Jim Clark - Gresham Outlook