February 1, 2010


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We’ve had some technical difficulties in the GNPDX newsroom and so in the interest of expediency we are combining our two most recent stories into one, handy-dandy post. 

Last week we told you about Amy Wood, a local realtor and contractor who got resourceful when times got tough.  Rather than complain about the state of affairs, she registered for her food handlers card and OLCC license so whenever a money-making opportunity presented itself, she could pounce.  She is still taking on client and is open to new gigs if you’d like to get in touch.  Her e-mail is AWOOD@PRU-NW.com


And this morning we told you about Fences for Fido.  Have you ever driven by a home and seen a dog, chained up in the yard?  Eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom and living most of his or her days in a small patch of grass and dirt.  That does not necessarily mean the owners are cruel.  They may just not have any better option.  Fences for Fido creates an alternative.  Volunteers show up and build a brand new fence, install a warm dog house and offer a free spay and neuter in the space of one afternoon.  Right now they are hitting about 6 homes a month but could do a lot more (they are already wait listed into mid-spring) but they need your help.  Check them out for more on how you can get involved.

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