February 3, 2010

Cars for grades (well at least one car)

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While kids these days seem to grasp the idea that good grades will eventually lead to a brighter future, it never hurts to add a little incentive into the mix just for giggles.

Some parents offer cash bribes for every B+ or A.  Five bucks for a B, 10 bucks for an A (the parents at GNPDX did not subscribe to this concept.  We are considering a class-action law suit).

How about a Brand News Honda Civic for a few A’s?  Or $15K Cash?  Think that would be enough to get your teen to hit the books?

Dick Hannah thinks it will.  The dealership is offering every kid in Clark County the opportunity to enter to win a free 2010 Honda Civic for improving their GPA by .5  (from a 2.5 to a 3.0 for example).  Of course students with a 3.6 or above which mathematically cannot raise their GPA by .5 are automatically eligible.

Entries are due in a couple weeks so check out their special website here.

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